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Across Mediums

"Looking to conversations as a means of surfacing authentic, compelling truths."

Jennifer Feng, Wine & Spirits Saleswoman



Documentary, Narrative

Documentary & non-fiction narrative as a means of bending the power of story to the arc of real events.



Portraiture, Landscape

An analytical approach to visual subject matter.

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Design Thinking

A Way of Thinking

My experience with design thinking resembles how John Maeda describes it—as a type of design slotted between granular execution and macro scaling that's focused on individual human beings.



Journaling + Op-Ed

Inspired by the words of Brenda Ueland, the methods of Robert McKee, the structural restraint of columnists I admire, and the freeing encouragement of fiction writers such as Stephen King, I gravitate towards guidebooks on processes and opinions about current events—namely around microeconomics and mindfulness.