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Doblin Studio

Project Manager + UX Design


Overcoming the intangibility of the crucial evidence embedded in people's daily lives that lasting human-centered design depends on.


User interviews + rapid prototyping of repeatable in-field and client-facing methodologies that balanced quality with tight timelines.


3 pre-scoped output tiers and a 5-stage progression plan that has guided teams' end-to-end delivery of multimedia research or project deliverables—one of which yielded $5MM in immediate follow-on work.

Making human-centered design tangible


The nexus of Doblin Studio was a desire to the firm's design work felt, from our research through to a more tangible output stemming from that research. Inspired by my background in documentary film, my role began with demonstrating what it would mean to bring a filmmaker mindset to human-centered design work, and it evolved into process definition and training to translate a prototyped approach into a repeatable firm offering. That offering—a blend of documentary reporting and traditional ethnographic research—became a new point of collaboration between practitioners and clients, as well as an immediate new revenue driver.


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Starting with the end in mind

Using a series of pre-scoped outputs as guideposts for determining the scope of a project


Tier 1

Research Themes Playback

Tier 2

Short Film + Reflective Narrative

Tier 3

Concept Simulation




Gear + Process Prep

Prior to heading out into the field or on set, teams chose their gear – either from suggested kits or a library – and went through trainings relative to the tools and useful recording frameworks. To assist with the gear selection process, we designed an app compiling suggested gear packages and availability.



Process + Gear Familiarity


In-Field Tools

Procedural Checklist




In addition to post production training, a variety of narrative assembly tools such as step outlines and narrative arcs are uesd to iteratively manipulate the recorded data in parallel with the analysis and synthesis phases of the other collected data.




Final Touches

An end-to-end process.


From the outset, Doblin Studio was considered as an end-to-end service offering such that it could be adapted to different projects, and such that the work itself could be scaled between phases of a single project.



"With great promise"

Connecting with the heads and hearts of people at the base of the pyramid in Sub-Saharan Africa


innovating on a centuries-old tradition

As part of Deloitte's partnership with the United States Golf Association, Doblin worked with the game's steward to consider how the game itself can continue to evolve in lockstep with the needs and desires of its players.