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Business Development

Inspired by several family members in the life insurance business who attributed their success to that of their clients, my business development experience—a mix of workshop design and facilitation, keynote narrative development, published work, and proposal writing—spans various industries.

Specific responsibilities have included:

- Keynote speech research for over 65 client organizations
- Published thought leadership on human-centered design
- Customer experience life cycle mapping
- Go-to-market strategy


Secondary Research Guidebook


Along with Doblin's Co-founder and President, Larry Keeley, we developed speaking engagement narratives and related proposal deliverables for current and prospective clients ranging from life sciences & healthcare companies to consumer products and energy companies. Our ouputs have included research reports and case studies such as Ten Types Deconstructions.




Developed content research and layout design for a variety of client project proposals.



The curation and maintenance of the Ten Types of Innovation mobile app's news feed has consisted of another significant aspect of my role. The feed analyzes projects featured in current news articles based on the appplicable ten types in the framework.

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